I am a self-taught, dedicated and relatively young developer who has had over 4 years experience in writing software. In this four years, two years have been in a full-fledged organizational structure. I was given the honor of leading a team of 5 developers while we were building a local ERP system called SMEBACKOFFICE. I hold a B.sc in Transport and Logistics management from Redeemers University. My move into software development started when the curiosity of how desktop applications are engineered. This led me to watch tutorials on VB. As time went on, I was able to set up my visual studio environment and moved pretty fast into creating windows form application. At the end of my exercise, I was able to build a light weight employee management system using VB.

Impressed with this development, I became curious and wanted to know how web applications are built. I was able to get mentoring from some computer science students then, which led me into using conventional PHP. Sonner or later, I delved into OOP programming.

My skill sets include:

PHP (Laravel and Codeigniter)

Python (Django, Flask, htmlPY)



JavaScript (Vue.js, Angular, Jquery, Phonegap, React-Native, Electron, Adonis js, Express)